Austerlitz 2015 – public transport options

KORDIS, the organizer of public tranposrt in Southern Moravia, assures the following services.

Napoleon 2015

The Emperor Napoleon will be present to the Austerlitz 2015 event. Mark Schneider has portrayed Napoleon at Austerlitz in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2011. We bring a short interview with him.

Austerlitz 2015

We prepare the 210th anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz (2nd december 1805), the battle of the three emperors. In june 2015 the largest napoleonic re-enactment event in Europe has been held in Waterloo and the period of bicentenaries of the coalition wars of 1792-1815 culminated, and the with it the decade of napoleonic bicentenaries which was started back in 2005 with the 200th anniversary of Austerlitz and it's 3600 participants from 24 countries of the world. We present the program of Austerlitz 2015, a sort of epilogue to the large napoleonic anniversaries.

Napoleonic Days 2015

The Project Austerlitz, the Central European Napoleonic Society, the Old post of Pozoritz and the village of Prace organize, at the occasion of the 246th anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Napoleonic days 2015 held at the Old post and in Prace from the 14 till the 16th august 2015.

From Austerlitz to Waterloo and back

The largest napoleonic re-enactment event is going to be held in Belgium, starting on the 18th june 2015, the anniversary day of the famous battle of Waterloo

Austerlitz 2015 tickets

You can buy your tickets for tribunes for the Austerlitz 2015 event. A speciality of this year's edition is a tribune for standing.

Sivek Hotels

Sivek Hotels are the official Austerlitz 2015 tour operator

Sivek Hotels became the official tour operator of Austerlitz 2015 events.

Valtice 2015

About 200 napoleonic re-enactors will participate at the event that will offer the visitors a unique possibility to see the military life in the early 19th century; the event is held as a main preparation of the CENS troops for the events of Waterloo 2015 and Austerlitz 2015. Valtice were the main family residence of the Liechtenstein, active and important participants of the napoleonic wars.

Romain Baulesch, founder of the Austrian napoleonic society, has fought his last battle

Generalmajor Romain Baulesch (17.3.1953 – 20.3.2015), founder of the Austrian napoleonic society in 1992, has fought his last battle. R.I.P.

Central European Napoleonic Society

The Central European Naopleonic Society was founded on the 18th january 2003 by representants of the czech, slovak and austrian groups of re-enactme...

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