Acknowledgements by the Saint-Cyr cadets

The Austerlitz 2017 event has been attended, as per tradition, by the Saint-Cyr military school cadets; the school created by order of Napoleon Bonaparte based on the law of 1st May, 1802. The cadets were present to the opening ceremonies on friday 1st december on the Zuran hill and at the Old post, to the welcome ceremony of the Sun of Austerlitz on the Zuran hill on the 2nd december in the morning, they specated the battle re-enactment and they participated in their parade uniforms at the act of piety at the Peace monument on sunday 3rd december.

They adress their acknowledgements to the president of the Project Austerlitz Miroslav Jandora, which also belongs to all partners of the event of Austerlitz 2017 and to the military history re-enactors who make these events possible by their activities, approach and passion.