Austerlitz 2016 – tickets

You can buy your tickets for tribunes for the Austerlitz 2016 event’s battle re-enactment. The entrance is free except for the tribunes. The 211th anniversary of the battle of the three emperors (2nd December 1805), also known as the battle of Austerlitz, the major commemorative event dedicated to the napoleonic history in Central Europe, takes place under the Santon hill near the village of Tvarozna on the 3rd december 2016 from 2PM, with nearly 1000 re-enactors in napoleonic uniforms, 60 horses and 15 cannons.


The VIP ticket for CZK 1500 includes: the entrance to the tribune for seating, catering during the entire program (food and hot drinks), in a tempered tent, parking place at about 200 m from the tribune. An hour before the battle starts the VIP guests will be welcomed by the commanders of the armies. The price of ticket for the tribune for standing is CZK 280, a good view is ensured, the first scale of the tribune is at 50 cm above the terrain.