Austerlitz 2022 – tickets

You can buy your tickets for tribune for the Austerlitz 2021 event’s battle re-enactment. The entrance is free except for the tribunes.

We are preparing the 217th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz (December 2nd, 1805), the Battle of the Three Emperors – Austerlitz 2022, which will take place on November 30th – December 4th. We expect participation of approximately 1000 participants from 15 countries, 60 horses, 15 guns, and a complete program including a commemorative event in Kučerov (November 30th), fires on the Žuráň Hill (December 2nd), re-enactment of the Battle of Austerlitz on the battlefield under the Santon Hill at Tvarožná (December 3rd) and the act of piety at the Peace Monument near Prace (December 4th).

The theme of this year’s re-enactment held on the occasion of the 217th anniversary of the Battle of the Three Emperors will be Napoleon’s “Lion’s Leap” and the decisive struggle on the Pratzen Heights, with an emphasis on moments colorfully described in his memoirs by French Brigadier General Thiébault. You will see infantry, cavalry and artillery maneuvering and fighting according to the principles of the period, and in greater numbers than usual. Two divisions of Napoleon’s “Grande Armée” will compete for the “Pratzen Hill” and the “Stare Vinohrady” with the center of the coalition army. Emperor Napoleon will be portrayed by Mark Schneider from Viginia, who has been playing this role at Austerlitz regularly since 2005.

The event is being prepared by the Central European Napoleonic Society, Tvarožná and Prace communities and Austerlitz z.s. The event is financially supported by the South Moravian Region.

The VIP ticket includes: the entrance to the tribune for seating, catering during the entire program (food and hot drinks), in a tempered tent, parking place at about 200 m from the tribune. An hour before the battle starts the VIP guests will be welcomed by the commanders of the armies.

You may buy your ticket with TICKETSTREAM at

Groups may order their tickets directly at our e-mail adress.