The battle´s progress

Situation at 9.30 A.M. on the 2. december 1805Situation at 12.00 a.m. on the 2. december 1805

Local legend of the Virgin Mary

In 1805, Santon Hill above Tvarozná became a focal point of the Battle of the Three Emperors battlefield. It was the supporting base for the French a...

Russian chapel

This small, white-painted building, located opposite the Old Pozořická Post Office, was allegedly built after the Napoleonic Wars by a Russian noble...

The outcome

Proclamation of Napoleon I. Bonaparte

After the battle at Slavkov

A copy of the memorable events that were recorded in the authoritative Archives of the Chrlický Estate, as written into the journal of Stanislav Podlrucký of Žačany.

The Old post office

Extensive and deep cellars are still preserved under the buildings forming the Old Post Office. However, only 2 of them are still accessible to the pu...

Audience with Napoleon the emperor

One more Jiříkovice related event allegedly took place prior to the Battle of the Three Emperors. Village representatives humbly requested an ...

The scenario

  The Allied armies are standing on the upper part of a battlefield under Santon hill. They are starting artillery preparations and in the l...

The schedule

"193rd anniversary of the "Battle of the Three Emperors" (famous battle at Austerlitz / Slavkov, 2 December 1805)

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