Anniversaries of the Battle

Austerlitz 2006 is over! Thank you!

The organizers, members of the Project Austerlitz - Central European Napoleonic Society, community of Tvarozna and Davay Communications s. ugg austra...

Acknowledgments of the ENS President David Banks

Our good friend and president of the European Napoleonic Society David Banks sums up his impressions from this year's Comemmorative events of the 201st anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz.

The successor of the Liechtenstein throne watched the battle re-enactment

This year's re-enactment of the battle of Austerlitz saw the visit of the Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein with his children.

Project Austerlitz 2005 plan of events in 2005 season

Two hundred years ago the power conflict between France and Great Britain escalated in the so-called third Coalition War following the events of the F...

CT24 live transmission of the Austerlitz 2005 re-enactments

Details about the live transmission from the reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz, December 3rd 2005.

Public transportation Brno – Tvarozna on Saturday December 3rd 2005

Information about the special bus line for the visitors of the reconstruction fo the Battle of Three Emperors.

International Cartoon Contest – part of the Project Austerlitz 2005

This year the idea of our friend Pavel Vorel to organize the cartoon contest has caught our interest. It is with no doubts very good to find some fun about such a serious thing, too. This year 121 cartoonists from 31 countries take part in the contest.

Austerlitz 2005: Itinerary & Instructions for registered groups

The article includes a comprehensive package of information for the event participants.

Instructions for registration of the unit for Austerlitz 2005

Before you start the registration read carefully the following important instructions and information.

War and Peace

Complete information about the premiere of the opera based on the famous novel by L. N. Tolstoi.

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