Monument of horses

The initial idea of our friend Tomas Dolezal to commemorate in a suitable way the misfortune of thousands of horses killed at the battle of Austerlitz in 1805 has been developped by the president of the Central European Napoleonic Society Ivan Vystrčil, Jiří Podolský, co-owner of the Old post of Pozorzitz, professor Miroslav Hirt and president of the Project Austerlitz, Miroslav Jandora.

The aim is to commemorate the common misfortune of thousands of dead soldiers and their horses. asics gel pas cher ugg australia bailey button nike air max thea We would also like the monument to become a place that symbolises the relationship between man a horse in any form. nike air max homme jack wolfskin Place where all those who love these animals could remember their departed horses. Adidas Soldes nike blazer The battlefield of Austerlitz will get a new importat place of interest.

The place:

New grove on the premises of the Old post of Pozorzitz near Kovalovice. adidas tubular ugg boots pas cher There are several reasons. air jordan 14 retro timberland soldes The main reason is that the grove is not far from the place of the clash between the french and the russian cavalry during the battle, where so many men and horses have found their death together. 2018 nike air max asics pulse soldes Adidas Gazelle Soldes mu legend zen for sale Another reason is that the history of the battle is closely tied with the history of the Old post of Pozorzitz, and the breed of horses still exist in this place – that initially served as relay station on the way from Vienna to Poland. The monument will remind the fact that the horse serves the man in good and in evil, and that the animal cannot, in cotrast to the man, change it's destiny. adidas zx flux buy mu legend redzen The presence of the living horses in the nearby stables will be symbolic.

The figure:

We agreed that the best figure would be a statue of horse in life-size, hit by a bullet.