Orders of battle of both armies

The french Grande Armée, of it’s 5th army corps and cavalry reserve, will be commanded by général de division Frank Simon, who acts as commander in chief of the Armée du Nord at the commemorative events at Waterloo.

The Emperor Napoleon will be portrayed by Frank Samson, his staff will be represented by the grand maréchal du palais Duroc and maréchal Lannes,  commander of the real 5e corps d’armée. The cavalry will be commanded by général de division Oleg Sokolov, one of the founders of napoleonic re-enactment in Russia and today historian of the Musée de l’Armée in Paris.

The coalition russo-austrian army will be commanded by Wolfgang Horak portraying lieutenant-general prince Liechtenstein; the russian part will be commanded by the captain of artillery Vit Odstrcil, and, in the role of prince Bagration, Jaroslav Pelisek. David Banks, president of the European Napoleonic Society, will be present in his  uniform of an austrian general.

The “french cause” will be defended by 635 soldiers (50 officers) armed with 480 muskets, seven cannons and a cavalry of 40 horses; they will face 554 coalition soldiers (34 officers) armed with 365 muskets, 12 cannons,