Thank you!

Soldats ! Nous sommes contents de vous. Vous avez aux journées d’Austerlitz 2017, justifié tout ce que l’on pouvait attendre de votre constance à supporter la fatigue et les privations ; vous avez décoré vos drapeaux d’une immortelle gloire.

We would like to thank all participants of the Austerlitz 2017 event for their discipline, patience and passion.

We also thank all who supported the event, which was the 20th Austerlitz event held within the Project Austerlitz since 1998.

South-Moravian Region, Ministry of Defense and the CzechTourism agency for their support, the communed of Tvarožná and Prace for the cooperation, and the general partners of the event who were Cement Hranice, Suez, Moravostav Brno, Explosia, STV Mining, and all others.

We thank Mr. Mark Schneider, the face of the modern Austerlitz events, who travels for three days accross the world to portray Napoleon, and stays unrivalled in his role.

Next year there will be a series of the 205th anniversaries of the war of 1813, and the 220th anniversary of capture of Malta in 1798; we will commemorate the 249th anniversary of Napoleon, and to conclude the season also the 213th anniversary of Austerlitz.

Il vous suffira de dire « J’étais à la bataille d’Austerlitz 2017 », pour que nous vous répondions, « Nous aussi, et c’était un honneur ».

Miroslav Jandora, Jakub Samek, Ondřej Tupý, Richard Klimovič