The Project Austerlitz in 2016

In december 2016 we will commemorate the 211th anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz, known also as the battle of the Three Emperors, the French emperor Napoleon, the Austrian emperor Francis and the Russian emperor Alexander. The battle that prof. Jean Tulard compares rather to a game of poker then chess, fascinates even after two centuries not only the military historians, and is deservedly considered to be Napoleon’s greatest victory, antipole of Waterloo. This year is, besides Austerlitz 2016, dedicated mostly to the 220th anniversary of the first Italian campaign of the general Bonaparte (1796-1797) and the 210th anniversary of the battles of Jena and Auerstaedt.

The Project Austerlitz, which organizes the commemorative events at Austerlitz since 1998, is preparing the following 2016 events, not only on the battlefield of Austerlitz:

15–17 april, Napoleonic Maneuvers in Valtice 2016; with approx 200 soldiers, the program is dedicated mainly to the exercice and maneuvers as a preparation for the 2016 season and the Austerlitz 2016 event. The program will generally aim for the first Italian campaign of the general Bonaparte in 1796-1797.

12–14 august, Napoleonic Days 2016; a traditional summer event on the battlefield of Austerlitz dedicated to the 247th anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769); possibly with Mark Schneier in the role of général Bonaparte (Mark was Napoleon at our events of Austerlitz 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2015); at the same time, in Brno, the 12th year of the international wine competition Grand Prix Austerlitz will take place, with annoucement of results on the 20th august in Biskupský dvůr, and another part in Prague, on the 10th september in Pražská tržnice.

17 september, Olomouc 2016; an event in the reconstructed Crown Fort in Olomouc organized by the Garde Impériale d’Austerlitz association in collaboration with the Central European Napoleonic Society.

2nd4th december, Austerlitz 2016; the 211th anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz; approx 900 participants, 50 horses, 15 cannons, together with the 210th anniversary of the battle of Jena the largest napoleonic re-enactment in Europe in 2016.


The programs and detailed information on the event will be published at; the Project Austerlitz offers the possibility of presentation of partners and sponsors. The events are organized by the Project Austerlitz every year since 1998. There are five to ten thousand visitors to the main battle re-enactement every year; in 2005, the bicentenary of Austerlitz with 3500 „soldiers” from 24 countries, about 30 thousand people have come.